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Social Media is Killing Me

I hate social media.

There I’ve said it.

So I’ve probably already offended or lost almost everyone with that one statement.  Before you grab your torch and pitchfork read a little further.  This is more of an explanation of why you won’t see 2-3 posts a day with 30 perfectly composed and thought out hashtags and keywords from me. 

It doesn’t bring me joy.

In fact, I hate that I have to spend 20-30 minutes of my life thinking of clever quips or appropriate song lyric snips to pair with an image and then lurk for another 10 minutes and play the comments/likes game just so my images don’t get lost to the algorithm.  

I’m sick of it.  I don’t want to play the game.

With that being said I love seeing beautiful images made by artists who inspire me.  But if I’m being honest all that instagram/facebook does is make me compare my work to others which almost always makes me feel inadequate because you guys out there are seriously killing it and make some gorgeous work.  I just can’t live in this comparison mode all the time.   It is quashing my creativity and my love for what I do.  Maybe that makes me a weak individual but why continue something that makes me so unhappy.

“Comparison is the thief of joy”   – T. Roosevelt

Oh boy was Roosevelt right, he pretty much nailed it.  Maybe comparison fuels you and if it does I’m thrilled for you.  As I’m getting older I’m getting to know myself better.  I’m starting to put up with less bullshit and do less of the things that don’t serve me.  For my own sake I will be spending less time on social media, so that I can live in a better state with my creativity.  To the people who follow me, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I am so appreciative that even 1 person thought what I’m doing is worth following, seriously you’re amazing.  Thank you for showing up and being supportive.  I love photographing people, I love what I do.  I’m very lucky to get to do what I love.  I refuse to let something I despise take away from what I love.

If you love the platforms, the notifications thrill you and you are confident enough that comparison doesn’t shake you, than by all means “you do you”.  We all deserve to live in our truths and spend time doing the things that bring us happiness without feeling attacked.  This is not meant to convince you to quit, attack you, or make you dislike it in the way I do.  I just feel that there aren’t many voices out there sharing what I feel in a frank way and I want other people in the same boat to know that hey you’re not weird

Ok well maybe we are weird but damn it I’m going to own my weirdness. You are welcome to join!

Does this mean I’m never going to post on instagram, no.  But I will not be enslaved by these platforms to post at an exact time on each separate day of the week depending on peak activity times with a curated list of handles.  If I put something up it’s because I’m excited about it, at that time, in that moment and I would like to share some of my joy with you.  Maybe I should be more worried about amassing followers and the instagram inquiries that I could miss out on (do these really exist?) but I’m not.


A photographer who can’t even

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  1. Jennie Smith says:

    Girl, I feel ya! I have 3 IG and 2 FB business pages and a FB page I run for our young adult group at church. It is exhausting!!!

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