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Merritt’s Pasture Portraits

Chapel Hill, NC


So let me just start by saying it is incredibly amazing to be entrusted by another photographer to capture them. Tiffany and I met at the AJ Dunlap workshop this spring and got to have some little conversations here and there in between all the learning and shooting. She is the owner and lead photographer at Tiffany Fort Photography. When she emailed me a couple weeks ago to ask about doing a headshot session I was so excited! See the thing about being an artist is you never really feel like you’ve arrived, but this was one step towards feeling legit for me. For another artist to value what you do enough to hire you to represent them well is just the best feeling. I think we did right by Tiffany – I say this every time but this might be my new fave session. Sorry other people I still love your sessions too – but fall, cute boots, sweaters, and a fellow tog has got me extra stoked this time around <3

Tiffany is a total sweetheart and also a total babe. Seriously she is stunning – see photos below if you don’t believe me. We ventured out to a new location for Jared and I, it’s one we’ve been wanting to shoot at for a while. When she got up with us Tiffany said she was a “open field kinda girl” so my first thought was “oh shit we gotta go to Merritt’s Pasture!”. She was totally on board and we were totally ready to check it out. Well my heart has been stolen. Fairy tale meadow type shit guys. I feel like at any moment a disney princess could have stepped out from behind a tree to serenade all the woodland critters to tag along with us.

Ok but back on track, it was AWESOME! We pretty much goofed the entire hour, Jared got to wear Tiffany’s hat when she wasn’t. And somehow I dropped the ball and didn’t get a single freakin’ photo of Jared in the hat, geeeeeze. It was real good, just trust me. Tiffany trusted us to make her look good and went along with our shenanigans and it paid off. Check out some of the heat from her headshot session below 🙂

<3 Rachael

Vendor love
Hair // Erin at Blo Salon
Makeup // Kerri Nicole Artistry

 chapel hill headshot session by rachael bowman photography

 merritt’s pasture headshot session by rachael bowman photography

 artist portrait session in north carolina by rachael bowman photography

 photographer headshot session in chapel hill, nc

 female portrait in a wildflower field

 fall portrait session at merritt’s pasture by rachael bowman photography

 golden hour portrait session in merritt’s pasture chapel hill, nc

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