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Belly Dancing w/ Jackie

Raleigh Rose Garden

This was one of the most beautiful and scary sessions I’ve shot to date. I want you to understand what I mean when I say “scary”, it’s the good kind I promise! Jackie is the owner of Belly Dancing with Jackie, she teaches classes in Pittsboro at Chatham Mills. When Jackie reached out to me about shooting some new photos of her for the business I was so excited but also super intimidated. She has beautiful images on her website already AND I know literally nothing about belly dancing AND have never done a photo session like this. So yeah…


My anxiety levels were pretty much through the roof, Jared can attest to that. So just in case anyone out there thinks photographers don’t get nervous or that we’re confident AF all the time, super not the case. We’re human too 😛 But hey doing things that scare us make us grow and I’m so glad that Jackie gave us the opportunity and trusted us to capture her.

Jackie is pretty much the nicest person ever, drop dead gorgeous, and has some killer dance moves. She knew she wanted some photos in nature and really wanted some pretty blooms to be a part of them as well. Well Raleigh’s rose garden hit peak bloom the week of her session (uh hello fate) so it was the absolute perfect backdrop. We met up and wandered through the rows and rows of gorgeous roses and snapped away while she did her thing. And can I just say that she totally crushed it! I had the hardest time narrowing down images for her gallery because there were SO many keepers.

If her classes are anywhere near as fun as hanging out with her was you’re going to have a blast! She actually just launched a new online beginner’s course in belly dancing that looks amazing and is really affordable too. Check her totally out and maybe sign up to learn how to shake it!

<3 rach

 rose garden belly dancer portraits

 rose garden belly dancing

 dancer twirls white skirt

 woman in a white dress sits on a stone garden wall

 woman belly dances on an empty stone ampitheater

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