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About the Bowmans


 Rachael + Jared Bowman, owners of rachael bowman photography a NC based wedding photography business


We’re welcoming you into our home virtually. When we work with people we ask for them to trust us, confide in us, and show us who they really are so that we can capture them as authentically as possible.  So why wouldn’t we show you who we are as well, it’s only fair.  Jared + Rachael, big ol’ cute nerds that take cool photos, oh and also dogs.  Truly we are home bodies, we would much rather stay home with a few good friends + share some beers than go out and do a social thing.  Here we are, in our natural habitat, doing what we do best.  Hanging with the pups, eating the greasiest pizza, enjoying a good beer while crushing some vidya games.  Mind you that no greasy fingers were allowed on the controllers, we’re not monsters. 

Jared and I are high school sweethearts turned old married couple.  We’ve been in each other’s lives since 2005 soooo we know each other pretty well at this point!  When I started this business Jared had a curiosity for learning in case I needed an emergency backup second shooter – these things happen and it’s always good to have a plan.  Well he took to it so well that we decided to go with it and now we’re a husband + wife photo team.  Thus Rachael Bowman Photography was born and the townspeople rejoiced! 

Really we’re just humans who also happen to love making beautiful images of other humans for a living.  We want to laugh, cry (Rachael is not as tough as she thinks, will definitely cry at cute goat videos on the internet), and derp alongside you in the most beautiful way.  Stuffy sessions are not our thing, we’re going to be open and fun with you and we hope you’ll do the same in return.  We value moments over poses and feel that’s where personalities shine.  We get it there’s a scary little box pointed your way and suddenly you have wooden limbs + don’t know what to do with your hands. Let us worry about that, you just show up ready to hang out with us and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ve been doing this for years, we have the skills, the posing, and the prompts to hide any awkwardness you may be worried about!  Our clients mean the world to us, we’re here to build a friendship with you as well as give you the best damn photos we can.  Most importantly, we’ve got your back!  We’ll be there fixing your dress, calming flyaways, helping herd cats, and getting your timeline juuuuuust right.  We’ll be honest with you and we’ll work hard for you because we love what we do!

We can’t wait to meet you!

Rachael Jared






The Pups

 rachael bowman photography in home headshots

Rachael’s work from home companions and constant shadows. Ellie is our yorkie and is fiercely loyal to Jared. Zoey is our black lab mix and is a mama’s girl 100%. Both can be bought off for the right amount of string cheese.


Rachael Bowman Photography is a husband and wife photography team capturing weddings, elopements, and couples. They serve Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina and surrounding areas.

We Do Photos Right.

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